Welcome to my blog+. I really don’t know what to call it. It’s not a traditional website nor is it ONLY a blog. It’s a community, Membership. Possibly a podcast. A newsletter - all wrapped up into one. There are public posts. There are free community posts & a newsletter for all members. There is additional content for paid members. Choose your level. 

This is a combination of my own hero journeys and inspiration and connection for your own. So, yes, it’s eclectic. Christian women in midlife seeking to secure or reinforce your “kingdom identity” - you are in the right place. If you are on a weight loss / metabolism reboot journey - welcome! If you are here on your own dna journey - whether seeking birth family, sperm/egg donor search, or just curious about your own dna database results, then you, too, are in the right place. Or you are a Christian maker looking for my new maker’s club, you found it. I also am a grief / end of life facilitator who also believes all lives are worthy of honor and celebration and have an entire brand (Life Souvenirs) dedicated to life stories, tributes & memorials, then that’s all here, too.

I am sharing my own private journey… the ugly truth and the victories as I go. I also will share about other journeys I’ve succeeded at to help others. . . maybe even you. With my recent diagnosis of NAFLD - I am on a program to hopefully reverse that. I also have same general midlife concerns trying to flip the switch to reboot metabolism, lose weight, etc. I am no medical professional, so keep that in mind. I will share with you what works for me. Then give any suggestions I have to help you tweak it for your own needs.

Yes, I know I’m flying in the face of marketing gurus who would have me have one separate dedicated space for each of these interests.. But … I’m too tired for that crap and this is me. And THIS is the way I choose to do it. What I’ve found is that some of you come for one thing and then find another thing you didn’t even know I had out there. So, I promise to organize it best I can and be open to your feedback. I just want to keep it simple, and all contained in one place that way - none of it gets lost in the shuffle. 

So, welcome to my eclectic journey. . . and our journey together. Be sure to subscribe because there will be a lot more content for subscribers than the general public. If you wish to take deeper dives with worksheets, monthly playbook (starts in January 2022), resources, etc, then become a paid member.

Whatever you choose, I look forward to our journey together. I am so excited! I hope you are, too!

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